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Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2013
Crazy4Media Review

Crazy4Media couldn't miss the biggest annual event for the world's mobile communications industry. So, our key technical and account management and strategy staff attended the latest edition of the show, taking place in Barcelona.

It was lots of hard work, but turned out to be a fruitful few days, in which we carried out plenty of commercial activity, including the signing of multiple software developer distribution agreements.
Main conclusions from the show:

-The congress always offers new gadgets and devices, and this year almost all of them focused on size, with devices getting bigger year by year. A new word has even been added to our dictionary: Phablets!

- The mobile operating systems war is heating up, Android looks set to remain dominant, yet three new mobile operating systems were showcased at the event: Ubuntu Touch, Firefox OS and Blackberry 10.

- There were huge offers of new devices by new Asian mobile phone manufacturers such as ZTE and Huawei, in addition to many new "unknown" brands, either looking to offer white label branding opportunities, or to establish themselves as the "new" thing!

- Whilst on the topic of devices, we were interested on a personal level by some "indestructible" devices targeted at the construction industry, but worth buying for anyone that drops their phone from time to time…

- There was an interesting focus on mobile connected devices, in the city in general (e.g. for the tracking of bicycle lane usage), in the car (e.g. seamless connectivity with the navigation and music software on your phone), and even in the home home (from your microwave through to your TV)

- A noticeable absence.. indeed more than just one: Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Blackberry and Amazon.

- Lots of accessories; headphones, cases and health related products.

- We also pay attention to the fact that mobile payments are on fire, with Froggie Mobile marketing recently launching a new mobile payment system in over 15 territories. Contact us to learn more about this innovative solution. [email protected].