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Welcome to Crazy4Media! We are a highly experienced and dynamic mobile marketing agency, offering innovative digital advertising solutions for all your marketing needs! From profitable mobile marketing solutions that include performance based campaigns and flexible mobile billing, to results orientated online advertising projects, Crazy4Media provides you with a fresh and efficient approach! Furthermore, through our online video advertising platform, you will be able to take advantage of top of the line infrastructure, content and marketing support.

Mobile Marketing Solutions

Profitable mobile marketing solutions

Flexible mobile billing

  • Flexible mobile billing
  • Global Payments platform, more than 45 countries
  • Spain, South Africa, Mexico, Portugal, Kenya, Italy, Colombia,...
  • Mobile wallet API
  • InApp Billing SDK
  • Regulatory and marketing support
Performance focused
  • Online CPA/CPL campaigns
  • Mobile CPA/CPL campaigns
  • Mobile number database
  • Smartphone application monetization
Corporate mobile marketing consultancy
  • Smartphone application development
  • SMS email routes TARGETIZA
  • Strategic planning and campaign management


Effective brand-safe Online Advertising

Results orientated

Global online display

Video and mobile advertising
Banner Display,any format
Online video Pre/mid/post roll and in-banner
Mobile advertising
Behaviorally targeted audience segments
Transparent, brand-safe, traffic
Targeting by white/black lists
Targeting to specific URLs
Personalized live reporting
Advanced Anti-malware and anti fraud software

Real Time Bidding platform
Best price always achieved
Easy integration
Url transparency retargeting capabilities

The Global Online Premium Market

Premium Video and Display network

100% premium transparent inventory
Serving the most important brands all over the world
+3000 managed publishers
+500 dedicated mobile publishers
+2600 advertising campaigns per month
+30 million daily unique users
+5 billion impressions per month
+150 million video views
+500 dedicated mobile publishers

Experienced campaign planners
Ongoing optimization
Manual auditing of every url

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