In today’s tech-oriented world, advertising means much more than billboards and TV commercials: it is a complex process that takes brand interaction to a superior level, allowing businesses to showcase their products and services in the arena where all the magic happens. The Internet is indeed a thriving marketplace with dynamics and principles of its own. It’s important to emphasize that, although they share the same basic concepts, traditional and digital advertising solutions should be studied separately. Both clients and providers interact with digital advertising on a daily basis – but which is the most effective one? Unfortunately, with the high competition between companies, few can get into a leading position by using just one medium. For best results, three extremely fruitful channels should be exploited: e-mail, mobile and social media.

emailAlmost everyone has at least one e-mail address today, from middle school students to retired citizens. This ubiquity of electronic mail only means one thing: that you can reach an impressive number of potential clients, even when you have limited resources. E-mail advertising eliminates spatial barriers and you can reach your foreign clientele almost instantly. Unlike traditional mail, which is costly, time-consuming and often bothersome, e-mail is more friendly and objective-driven. Clients are more likely to open an e-mail than a letter. Also, when you advertise your business via e-mail, the only thing that stands between clients and your company website is a single click. For a positive user experience, try to adjust the layout of the e-mail and make sure that the content is optimized for viewing on all devices, not just desktop computers…


…but also mobile phones. The smartphone is man’s new best friend, the device that connects him with everything that matters. This new channel can offer profitable opportunities for entrepreneurs. Whether you’ve just launched your business or you’ve been on the market for many years, considering mobile advertising is a good idea. However, remember that, just like in the case of e-mails, you should optimize the way in which the content appears on the screen. Although zooming in is simple, users appreciate it when they can see your message easily, without having to do anything else. The modern client is impatient, always on the go; fortunately, mobile advertising is adapted to this profile.

Sin título-2 (2) Last, but not least, social media is a blooming digital advertising solution. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are just some of the channels that allow potential clients to find out about your businesses. Unlike the other two advertising solutions, social media allows clients to interact and spread the news. Tech-savvy or not, we all know the power of Shares, Likes and viral videos. Therefore, don’t hesitate to use these platforms to promote your ideas. As a final note, remember that these three advertising solutions don’t exclude each other. On the contrary, you should find an online advertising network that offers the perfect combination between them. Only this way will you be able to build a lasting relationship with your clients and consolidate a respectable reputation.

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