Recently, Tom Horsey, CEO at Crazy4Media Mobile and co founder of the Crazy4Media group, has participated in the creation of the recent study on MIT Technology Review.

This study reviews various success factors, keys and conclusions concerning the successful setup of a company, based on real testimonies taken from the 110 best Spanish businessmen.

What is success about?

For our businessmen, success is defined in several ways. It can be something nobody has ever done or it may be something that changes the world… Always taking into account that “you have to take risks to be successful”.

1 Las 5 facetas del éxito

What factors influence on the achievement to success?

2.Los factores de exito

There are internal success factors, inherent to businessmen.



Internal success factors, inherent to businessmen where a good group work is fundamental.

 3los empleados satisfechos

And external factors like: the role of administration, finance or networking. Our company dealt with this last factor, according Tom Horsey, founder of Crazy4Media: “Being an English businessman settled in Spain quite complicates the job of being renowned. It is a fairly closed business ecosystem and therefore almost all my efforts are focused to the outside” .

Does a Spanish businessmen profile exist?

Apart from some demographic characteristics like sex, age, education, origin and some typical psychological characteristics like optimism, generosity, humility and balance we have found some motivations for businessmen such as…

4Motivaciones para emprender

What is the impact of all these efforts on the life of a businessman?

One of the problems businessmen are facing is the lack of their free time. Tom Horsey states that “it isn’t easy to sacrifice your free time. You become the antisocial that only cares about working on his projects and you end up leaving aside all leisure moments, scarifying even weekends”. As the founder of Crazy4media explains: “being a businessman is a 24 hour job, 365 days a year”.


Set up a business related to your passion

Don’t set up your business based on trends

Take care for your employees, success depends on everyone

Never stop learning

Find yourself a partner that complements you

Define expectations and liabilities beforehand

Learn from your failures

Make sure to know all about the markets before going international

Take careful care of your means

If you are interested in more information about this business barometer you can find out here.

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