The dilemma of the companies in choosing social networks profiles

Have you ever heard “This social network is the best for women”?, “All influencers are on that social network”? or “Did you know that most girls have an account on this social network? The choice of profiles on social networks is a dilemma for companies. In this post, we will help you choosing social networks […]

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Elección de perfiles en redes sociales: un dilema para las empresas

¿Has escuchado alguna vez eso de esta red social está triunfando? ¿Todos los influencers la utilizan? ¿La mayoría de chicas pasan el día en ella?. Es algo muy común, nos da por algo y nos lanzamos a por ello.  La elección de perfiles en redes sociales es un dilema para las empresas. La mayoría de […]

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5 Tips to optimize your Twitter Ads campaigns

10 years ago Twitter was born, a microblogging social network where people and brands express their interest and opinions while they interact with similar users. Once Twitter assumed the challenge of letting brands advertise themselves, there were many experiments, doubts and failed attempts. Months later we have found that in Twitter, as in many other […]

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