mobile-paymentsAdopt a smart and effective mobile payment system for your e-commerce business. Be there before your competitors, reduce costs and gain a huge advantage in your market. The smartphone has already replaced the clock, the music player and other inventions. Now it replaces cash!

A wide range of products and services around the world already offers convenient, simple to use Mobile Billing Systems. International brands such as Amazon, PayPal, Apple and Facebook are the leading examples for smart using of a mobile billing system.

American customers are increasingly using smartphones to view and pay their bills. 91 percent of American adults have a mobile phone. 65 percent of American adults who own a smartphone, use it to pay at least one of their bills regularly. No wonder they do, with such an easy payment method. The mobile payment’s market is expected to exceed $300 billion dollars by 2015.

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The Benefits and the Opportunity of Mobile Payment Systems

Your e-commerce business can be much more efficient, with a one-click mobile payment solution that makes it easy for your customers to buy. Nowadays, there is a big opportunity, as many companies have not discovered the potential yet. 75 percent of utility companies, for example, do not offer mobile payment options to their customers.

Conversions are much simpler and quicker, when there is no need to wait at the queue or to deal with cash. It is so easy for a customer to pay and buy with just one or two taps on their phone. Using the mobile wallet allows users to pay and access their finances on the move, because everything is in their smartphones, including discounts and new offers. Within minutes after the transaction, the payment is already in your account.

You can use SMS payment systems, direct mobile billing or mobile web payments. In addition, QR mobile payment is a great way to charge quickly for your goods with a barcode that can be read by mobile applications. After customers paid you once, it becomes much easier for them to buy from you again. Another advantage is the secure mobile internet connection. People already trust their information with services like PayPal.

Mobile-PaymentEnjoy the Digital Wallet Advantages Today!

There are so many excellent mobile systems, and if you use them the smart way, then they can grow your ROI significantly. There are many great services such as Zong which is owned by eBay, Square Wallet, Boku, Text2Pay and of course PayPal. Google Wallet helps customers to leave their wallet at home and easily pay for many services. Apple’s Passbook is a built in app in any iPhone or iPad. Facebook focuses on mobile billing options integrated with PayPal. Some apps are related to mobile banking and other for e-commerce stores.

Help your customers to turn their phone into a mobile digital wallet and turn yours into a credit card reader. Let your customers have the ability to view and pay via mobile devices to increase their satisfaction, loyalty and trust in your business.

Just send us an email, and we will surely help you to adopt it easily and successfully to your customers’ satisfaction. We are always up to date with the latest innovations and development in the mobile world for businesses. Contact our mobile marketing agency today.

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mobile marketingIf you own a small business and want to take advantage of the most personal and effective method of marketing your business, then you can maximize the incredible potential of text mobile advertising.

SMS marketing is a very powerful marketing method, one that takes mobile advertising to the next level. It is commonly used at many parts of the world to reach audience quickly, easily and cost-effectively. It aims to a targeted audience with attractive offers that can draw customers to your business.

Your customers do use SMS text messaging! Mobile devices became an essential component in everyday life. Your customers are not always online, but they are always with their cell phone on them. The ability to reach an extremely large audience in a very short time, that what makes it an attractive marketing method to many businesses around the world.

Text Mobile Advertising is better than Any Other Approach

Your consumers are already on their mobile phone looking for coupons and special offers. For example, 90 percent of American adults own a cell phone and 65 percent use text messages. Research has shown that text messages benefit from 97 percent open rate. In addition, the statistics show that clicks from text messages are at 14 percent rate, while on email, it is only six percent.

Full length portrait of young men and women holding cellphone

It’s so easy to get repeat customers using text mobile advertising by text-messaging, discounts and special offers for previous customers. Small and local businesses are ideal for text message marketing, which allows them to promote exclusive events and unique offers to all their clients at once, or to select a specific group of people.

SMS text message marketing is a regulated marketing method and not considered as a spam, as long it has been approved by the customer and provide an easy option to opt out. Text messages are delivered and read very quickly, and a call to action in SMS text message is an extremely powerful tool. It can be an integral part of a larger marketing campaign and can be linked also to your mobile website.

A Simple, Cheap and Highly Successful Marketing Method

4Compared to email, open rates are very high in mobile text as people are more likely to read a text message than an email. It is very low cost nowadays, especially if compared putting ads on television or magazines to the cost of SMS messages.

You can have a direct communication with your specific prospects and with diverse kinds of people from many age groups. Young people use text messages very often, makes is a great way to reach them. It is also a fantastic way to stay away from all the online “noise.”

Text messaging is the perfect marketing opportunity, and you can start with it right now. Leverage text mobile advertising to your business and use it to get repeat customers very quickly and efficiently.

Visit Targetiza our trustworthy platform allowing you to run effective direct mobile marketing and start both saving, and making, more money today!

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