Some tips to launch successful mobile marketing campaigns

According to e-Marketer, the budget invested in mobile marketing has grown exponentially in recent years, increasing from 2.1 % in 2010 to 22.1% in 2014, with an expected investment growth of 59% by 2017. This data coincides with the huge increase of Smartphone devices in recent years, with mobile being one of the fastest adopted […]

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Tipos de campañas disponibles en Crazy4Media

Conoce ahora las distintas opciones que tenemos disponibles en Crazy4Media para que tu campaña sea todo un éxito. Elige la que mejor se adapte a las necesidades de tu producto. Coste por click , paga sólo cuando el anuncio o texto es clicado por un usuario.         Coste por mil impresiones, paga una […]

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Terms Available in Crazy4Media

Find out the wide range of terms available in Crazy4Media to spread out your campaign. For Cost per click advertising, you pay only when the text ad or graphical banner ads is clicked.       For Cost per thousand impressions advertising, you are paying for every thousandth impression that your banner ad is displayed […]

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Omexpo is a world congress where you could catch up the future of mobile marketing. It tooks place the next week in Madrid.

Come and meet us at Omexpo 2014, Booth E10 ! Our team will be glad to provide you with information about our marketing online and mobile services, as well as:

-The 50+ countries where we have mobile billing implemented (Direct billing, Subscriptions, One drop billing and PSMS).
-Our latest direct marketing tools for push notifications, SMS and email.
-Mobile number database management and brokering.
-Revenue Share App distribution options.
-Ecommerce marketing solutions and marketing strategies to grow your online business.
-Online & Mobile advertising(CPC and CPM pricing models).
-Segmented audiences advertising solutions.
-ROI optimization and real time bidding campaigns.
-Video inventory available, launch your pre-roll campaign with us.
-And the latest! HaxHax the new marketplace for brand focused advertising campaigns.Run your campaigns on Premium content websites that provide high volume traffic and multi channel classification.

You can also attend Tom Horsey’s talk (C4M co-founder), which will take place 10th April from 12:00 to 12:20p.m. at Sala Markitude(find the floor plan below).

Do you want to reach your target audience?
Crazy4Media is working with cutting edge semantic targeting technology, to ensure that the customers you want are precisely targeted and your budget is spent to the best effect.
-Basic targeting (channels, geolocalization, demographic,frequency/daypart…)
-Behavioral targeting.
-Semantic targeting.

We look forward to meeting you in OMExpo! Please stop by our booth E10 for a chat. You’ll also get to meet the newest member to join the Crazy4Media team!

Do you need a pass for the OM Expo 2014? No worries, we´ll get one for you contact us!! [email protected]



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