Te espera en Sevilla el primer Hackathon del Coche Conectado de España

Los días 22 y 27 de septiembre se celebra en Sevilla el primer Hackathon del Coche Conectado de España para reunir expertos y emprendedores en busca de la idea más innovadora y viable. Las ideas serán mentorizadas por expertos del sector y el proyecto ganador conseguirá un premio de 3.000€.

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Crazy4Media acudirá al MWC de Shanghai

Crazy4Media estará en el Mobile World Congress (MWC) de Shanghai 2016 la próxima semana. No podíamos perdernos esta cita en el MWC, el mayor evento de la industria móvil de Asia. El mercado asiático está en auge en estos momentos y sobre todo en la tecnología móvil. Desde Crazy4Media queremos presentar nuestra nueva tecnología,  El […]

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Crazy4Media, Digital Breakfast

Nuestro Digital Breakfast del viernes pasado fue todo un éxito, contamos con la presencia de varias Agencias de Marketing con las que pudimos compartir nuestra visión por el futuro del marketing digital.  Para las agencias que no pudisteis venir al final os contamos como fue la experiencia. Disfrutamos de un riquísimo desayuno mientras nos conocíamos […]

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4 ways to never lose clients at checkout

Over the past decade, the eCommerce industry has grown exponentially. Before it was a market mainly related to the fashion industry, however, today you can buy all sorts of products and services online. Although sales have grown, online stores are still confronted with the same difficulties, in this case the dreaded conversion funnel. How is […]

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Emprendimiento de exito

Recientemente Tom Horsey CEO de Crazy4Media Mobile y co-fundador del grupo Crazy4media, ha participado en la redacción del estudio elaborado por MIT Technology Review . Este, repasa distintos factores de éxito, claves y conclusiones en la fundación de una empresa, a través de los testimonios reales de 110 empresarios de éxito españoles. Como los fundadores de […]

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apps_dineroMore and more mobile users are themselves users of apps.

According to the report by “The App Date”, Spain is the European country with the highest penetration of smartphones. The average profile of the user is male, between 25 and 44, urban middle class. And the most used platform is Android, with a volume of 87 million app downloads.Mobile applications’ downloads in 2013  has doubled the volume over the 2012.

And only in Spain, 4 millions of apps are downloaded everyday. Mobile users are ever more likely to download the app instead of using the web page.

All this data make us believe in the importance of apps as a great business oportunity.

You have a brilliant idea, you want to develop the app and earn money with it…but you don’t know how to get started.

First of all, as we explained in a previous post , the importance of ASO is essential  to make known the new app .

What is more, if you are interesting in earning money with your app, once it’s been developed, start planning the best way to get the highest benefits.

If you don’t know how to start, these are the most common types to generate revenue from your app:

Free download + subscription payment.

Your download will be completely free, but content acquisition will be payed . An example of this kind of app is Orbyt , a virtual kiosk where you can download different  publications .


The app download is for free and you only pay for additional content or complements (bonus , extra lives , etc.) It can be done with real money or by merits obtained in the app itself. If you don’t communicate this clearly, you will receive bad reviews. A clear example of this freemium apps is Candy Crush.

Free Download + advertising

Although you can download the app for free, banner ads are reated within it. This model is followed by the popular app Angry Birds, for example.

Free basic version and pay for upgrade to pro versions

You can download a basic version to engage users with amazing functions or levels and when you are completely engaged they aim to download the paid version.It’s one of the most used models because anybody want to buy for something without try it before.

Initial Micro-payments 

It is the most common model specially by the iOS users because they are more likely to download paid content. Usually, a new app is made ​​known through a free demo version to engage users.

For example, the most popular apps of this kind are Whatsapp or Hayday , one of the most profitable in the app store .

If you already have the idea and you need to develop and monetize your app, meet one of our Froggie (Crazy4Media Mobile) specialists and they will study your personal case. Don’t hesitate, Contact us!!



On 26 March, we attended the breakfast organized by IAB Spain in Madrid. This association represents the industry of advertising, marketing and digital media in Spain, and through their Themed’s breakfasts aims to introduce and discuss various hot topics for the sector. This time, the theme was ASO (App Store Optimization).

The speakers, all of them media professionals such as Jesus Velasco , Marketplace Director Vodafone, Judith Gomez, Head of Mobile Strategy iProspect , Luis Pojan , SEO Coordinator of iProspect and Javier Correro , Head of B2B Froggie ( mobile marketing company within the Crazy4Media group) .

Javier Correro en IAB desayuno ASO

Javier Correro, Head of B2B Froggie

Shortly and to the point, they give useful tips for users, they pointed the importance of optimizate mobile apps on the app store as a key factor for increasing  downloads and consequently drive up your profits.

Javier Correro , remark the importance of making ASO efforts for better natural positioning on stores and get more downloads with a small budget. Mainly, the use of SMS as a fundamenta and low cost tool to booth the app’s profits( 6 cents per impact). It helps  promote downloads and get feedback from users to improve and personalize the service offered by our app .

He also noted the importance of a multi-channel strategy  for a successful promotion of the mobile applications .

As a Froggie member , Javier was able to show to the assistants  the experience gained over the years working at  this field.

If you also need advice on how to promote and obtain hig profits from your campaigns , contact us! [email protected]



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