Online_Video_Advertising1A good-quality video, leveraged by the power of social media can make all the difference in your business. Viral videos can be seen by millions of people, which often leads to a massive increase in sales. Take advantage of the social revolution to maximize your revenue.

Videos are fun! And they can be profitable to your business as well. According to eMarketer, 75% of all the world’s internet users will view videos in 2014. Video advertising on the internet will increase by more than 40 percent and for a good reason.

Almost 60 percent of marketers would like to increase their video distribution in social networks, according to a survey by Database Trends and Applications. In April 2013, more than 40 percent of social media users watched TV or online video. That shows the bond between social and video marketing. Forbes magazine has already predicted that in 2014, video content in social media channels will lead the marketing trends.

Online_Video_Advertising 2Attractive Videos Combined with the Power of Social Media

Social media is definitely the place to be in 2014. Combined with video ads it can make a huge difference in your marketing. News, entrainment and blog websites are all using video. With a wide range of online streaming video sites and the affordability of video ads in social media channels, there are infinite opportunities.

Online video advertising is popular for several reasons. It increases your online presence and contributes to brand awareness, when it is targeted to the right platform and the exact users. It is much better than TV ads, as it directed to people who are likely to buy from you. It integrates well with social media channels and provides SEO benefits as well.

Videos are great for answering people’s questions and adding value to their lives. Additionally, video titles and descriptions are easier to read than long blog posts, as they are short and explain exactly what the video is about.


Strategies for Putting Video Ads in Different Social Media Channels

Promote your brand by using video ads and then applying viral marketing via social media. The context of your video will determine which social media channel you should use. In Facebook, you can upload up to 20 minutes long video. Creating conversions on your Facebook fan page can reveal what kind of content your consumers would like to get.

Moreover, sharing is really easy in Facebook. Fans can share their comments, responses, problems and so on, and you can use this precious information to make superior videos. Thus, your social media platform will expand its reach as well. It will encourage more and more users to check your videos and comment in your platform.

Social media is the greatest opportunity of getting online traffic, but if you do not use videos on them, then you are not maximizing its potential. Today, engagement with fans is the best marketing method in the online world, and it is affordable to small businesses. Contact us today to increase your sales and brand your business, sometimes even better than the big boys.

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Behavioral targeting (also known as behavioral or interest based advertising) is a growing way of making the
advertising you see on websites more relevant to your interests and preferences. It is a based upon previous
unidentifiable web browsing activity, such as pages viewed, searches made and ads clicked on.

BEHAVIORAL MARKETINGAn online advertising network such as Creafi Online Media is using the latest data-driven technology in all platforms, exchanges and networks partnerships in order to provide behavioral targeting strategies to their clients. They can reach with precise message to people who are actually interested in receiving that information.

Behavioral targeting works for advertisers and publishers: it can make advertising budgets work harder and allows a better ROI (return on investment) for advertising inventory on the publisher side.

Moreover, Behavioral targeting can work together with other strategies as Retargeting or Content Classification
in order to enhance precision, engagement and ROIs for Advertisers and Agencies.

advertiserAdvertisers: Segments help advertisers to reach people with online interests and intent that fulfill campaign goals. Advertisers get higher ROIs at the same time as provide better online experience to consumers.

publishersPublishers: Custom Segmented Audiences can be built and populated for premium publishers providing them with new income stream. They can make profit with their users and visitors by offering them to other brands and advertisers interested on these qualified segments.

agenciasAgencies: Segmented Audiences can be shared in several platforms and exchanges. They can use them to focus on a customer profile or to complement generic campaigns.



In order to understand the evolution of online video advertising, one could first observe the fast transition from television to computers. About a decade ago, the TV set was the center of the house, the source of information and entertainment. Today, even though television still sells well, the computer is the one that we use most often. In fact, with a laptop in front of them, people tend to keep the TV on just for background noise or for the occasional news and football match.


With this obvious popularity in mind, business owners are starting to understand that the online space is much more suitable for promoting their products and services. In May 2012, Americans watched about 10 billion video ads; in January 2013, their number had already risen to a whopping 11 billion. The stats for the entire world population are even more impressive. Of course, these online views also lead to offline purchases and many companies that weren’t even resounding names on the market before the advent of the Internet, managed to stand out because they knew to seize the opportunity and work with professional online marketing agencies.

Video HaxHax

There are two explanations for why people watch so many ads: one one hand, because online ads are implemented in a smart way and they can’t be ignored. For example, YouTube and other video streaming websites show an ad before the actual video starts, which instantly equals exposure. On the other hand, Internet users love online ads. One doesn’t need to be an advertising expert to acknowledge that a lot of viral videos are ads. Marketing agencies begin to understand what clients want, so they make ads that tell a story. Some even subscribe to add channels on streaming websites and watch ads as they would watch video clips. Whether they are funny, sad, motivational or simply well made, they create a unique connection with the client and, most importantly, they travel fast. The best online ads are so well made that they could be seen as true works of art, not just simple commercials. They do, of course, promote the product, but they do it subtlety, by associating the brand with certain values or feelings. The ad pattern from the 80’s is no longer necessary.

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Just because online video advertising is efficient doesn’t mean it’s simple or easy to do. A short 30-seconds ad can have days of brainstorming and months of processing behind it. In order to make the most out of your campaign, you need to analyze client preferences, associate ads with content they already like and, most of all, keep up with the times. This implies research, creative effort and a clear delimitation of your target audience. In addition, remember that the term “online” doesn’t refer only to laptops and desktop computers. More and more people are using their smart phones to view online content, so it would be a mistake not to contact a mobile marketing agency and see which strategies you can use to reach the clients who are always on the go.

Don’t lose another minute and contact us via the Creafi website or send us an email [email protected],and start to gain an advantage over your competitors in reaching your target market .



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