Terms Available in Crazy4Media

Find out the wide range of terms available in Crazy4Media to spread out your campaign. For Cost per click advertising, you pay only when the text ad or graphical banner ads is clicked.       For Cost per thousand impressions advertising, you are paying for every thousandth impression that your banner ad is displayed […]

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Mostafa Kamel, nuevo miembro del grupo Crazy4Media

Mostafa Kamel se incopora al grupo Crazy4Media como CEO de Creafi Online Media. Cuenta con experiencia en el sector de la comunicación digital desde hace más de 16 años, ahora se incorpora al equipo de C4M donde aportará sus conocimientos  y experiencia. “Me siento muy ilusionado con este proyecto, ya que en  Creafi  Online Media […]

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Review Dmexco 2014 por Crazy4Media

Dmexco 2014 rompe nuevos récords, la feria internacional de la industria digital aumentó en popularidad nuevamente este año. Naturalmente, Crazy4Media estuvo presente con un stand  muy buen situado y con nuestros miembros clave de nuestras oficinas de Europa y EEUU. Todo esto y los innovadores servicios, soluciones, ideas y visiones tecnológicas atrajeron al stand  tanto […]

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Grupo Crazy4Media

Descubre como te podemos ayudar para alcanzar tu objetivo. [DISPLAY_ACURAX_ICONS]

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Find out how many things we can provide to reach your target.


Dmexco 2014 broke new records, the international congress for the digital industry increased in popularity once again this year.

C4M team

Naturally, Crazy4Media was present with a perfectly located stand and our key members from our offices in Europe and the US.

display & videoThis, as well as our innovative services, solutions, ideas and technological visions made the stand very popular with both new potential and existing customers.


rtbOur team delivered to these clients a presentation of our latest products and services offered by the group.



The second day served as a stage to introduce our new team member at Crazy4Media. The new recruit is a robot that allows remote access to any team member or client anywhere in the world.

With our new robotic recruit we can handle meetings with customers and partners at the event to our key staffs (sales representatives, account managers and specialists in e-commerce) that were unable to attend in person.

Tom Horsey and C4M Robot

We enjoyed the two jam packed days, meeting new and old faces, chatting about the latest industry changes and developing new relationships.  We would like to thank all our customers and partners for their support.


Crazy4Media is attending Dmexco 2014

It causes effect in some well-known mass media, as well as Marketing Directo website, where you can find this new. [DISPLAY_ACURAX_ICONS]

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Creafi Online Media, part of the C4M group, has appointed Mostafa Kamel as its CEO

Mostafa Kamel has worked in digital media for over 16 years and is bringing his considerable expertise to Creafi to move the company forward within the online advertising sector. After graduating in Business Administration and Management from Helwan University (Cairo). Mostafa pursued launched his first web based project, Mokatia, in 1997, which, he sold after […]

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We are going to analyze the reported percentages of impressions and RPM depending on CPA, CPC and CPM campaigns.

Based on a full year since April 2013, we can use the graph below to compare the evolution of the fluctuations in impressions and RPM taking into account the different types of campaigns in CPA, CPC and CPM.



Interpreting the graph above, the ad impression ratio maintains a stable level throughout the year. The CPM campaigns do not fall below 50%.

However, the results in CPA and CPC campaigns are quite low, but in the third quarter of 2013, the CPA campaigns reached %40.


total rpm

The last graph summarizes the total revenue per thousand, demonstrated by low results for CPA campaigns and significantly better results for CPC and CPM campaigns.



All researches about multi-screen behaviors concludes, 70% of smartphone or tablet owners normally use them at the same time they are watching TV.



Creafi Online Media helps you to capture second screen viewers online when relevant TV ads are being aired.

You decide the TV ad in channels (actually working  up to 125 channels in all European countries) of your interest to use as trigger to launch your massive online (display and video) campaign.

Increase your branding strategies by running  display and video creatives to your potential consumers in a 2nd screen when they are given to your products and services after watching a relevant TV spot.

For further info, find out our presentation here and contact us today! [email protected] 


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