According to e-Marketer, the budget invested in mobile marketing has grown exponentially in recent years, increasing from 2.1 % in 2010 to 22.1% in 2014, with an expected investment growth of 59% by 2017.

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This data coincides with the huge increase of Smartphone devices in recent years, with mobile being one of the fastest adopted technologies in history.

This is why visionary companies have adapted their business models and marketing plans to include strategies focused on acquiring their customers via mobile devices.

These include:

  1. Brand focused mobile marketing campaigns – Targetting the most traditional marketing objective and generating impact and brand awareness for the advertiser. Despite being a goal not directly focused on sales, it is one of the main marketing needs to get a business positioned in its niche market.
  2. Downloads focused mobile marketing campaigns – As the title suggests these campaigns are performance related objectives looking for users to download and purchase the products or services on their handsets.
  3. Lead generation mobile marketing campaigns – The main objective of this type of mobile marketing campaigns is to get users to fill in forms and offer personal information to build up a database.
  4. Phone calls focused mobile marketing campaigns – Similar to the lead generation campaigns these are focused on generating a lead with a customer requesting a sale person contact them directly. This can be a click2call on a freephone number and can be very effective for sales.
  5. Sales focused mobile marketing campaigns – These campaigns are often the most attractive for many businesses, as sales are always the ultimate goal of any company in its purchase funnel. To generate this type of campaign, we can do both strategic action plans based on a sequence of actions that result in a final sale. Or we can search for the final sale straight away. In the latter case, we can use different models of mobile payments that exist in the market, for example, SMS payments, Google Play payments or Paypal marketing 3

Therefore, if you want to launch a mobile marketing campaign, you should consider the following steps:

  1. Choose your final goal

Once you are clear about the ultimate goal you pursue, it will be easier for you to focus your mobile marketing campaign. Remember that despite all businesses are focused on sales, there are intermediate goals that allow you to get there. Do not lose sight and get advice from experts if necessary.

  1. Make your website responsive

Once you have reached your potential customers mobile devices, you can’t lose them. It is therefore essential that your company, your products or services and your message are clearly visible on all devices, especially if your mobile marketing campaign requires action by the user: registers, contact forms, sales… Therefore, make sure your website is responsive and available in all mobile formats. You might also need to consider developing a mobile app for your business.

  1. Use your Social Media

Along with the Smartphone, social media networks are the technological boom of recent years. Combine them in your marketing efforts and the success of your business will be assured. You can specifically target mobile devices on your campaigns to provide expand sales channels and, above all, get as close as possible to your potential customers.

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