Choosing the right keywords for your website is not an easy task and it’s quite important because it affects to our positioning and also to the success of our online business.

The first step to choose them is by using a really simple idea. It consists putting yourself into your customer’s mind and doing a brainstorming with the keywords which our potential clients can use to look for our services. In other words, we invite you to become one of your customers and to think like them. You should find at least 15 keywords that you would use to find the product and/or service that you sell in the main searchers.

3The second step is to make the keywords longer. The keywords usually have more than one term and this characteristic can make us different from our competitors. Imagine that we have an online business of flamenco silver jewelry in Seville. Some of the keywords could be “earrings” or “necklaces” but for this business would be much better to position with other terms such as “flamenco silver earrings Seville”. It’s verified that the more descriptive the keyword is, the more possibilities there are that a user who visits our website finally buys something. These keywords that are made for more than one term are known as “Long Tail Keywords”.

The third step is to analyze our positioning continuously. If you analyze your website’s traffic and the keywords don’t make your business receive quality traffic then it’s time to think about new keywords to position. There are millions of tools as Keyword Planner of Google Adwords, Ubersuggest or WordStream that will help you choose new keywords much more effective for your business.

1If you use some of those tools, you can make a decision by using the KEI Index which measures the effectiveness of a keyword with the following formula:

KEI= (number of local monthly searches^2 / number of competing pages in the targeted search engine)

Finally, the fourth step is to use the chosen keywords in your business’ website as much as you can. A bad keywords’ choice can affect your online strategy. Finding the right keywords for your website needs time, cleverness and effort but it’s essential if you want to get quality traffic to boost your business.

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