Creafi Online Media a leading ad network monetizing premium publisher inventory to advertisers globally has just launched a new Real Time Bidding (RTB) platform. It brings numerous benefits to publishers and advertisers, including the option to run self serve campaigns via the Creafi trading desk.
Agency partners: Thanks to the Creafi trading desk, campaign control and spending efficiency have been greatly improved, and better results are being delivered to their clients.
Advertisers: We have launched improved targeting capabilities, including in-app mobile traffic, cost-effective reach frequency and last but not least, the elimination of wasted impressions through the use of the real time buying technology and the use of advertiser specific passbacks.
Publishers: Have significantly increased revenues, in particular those that sign exclusive deals with Creafi, as the 30 man sales team is then able to aggressively promote the traffic to the appropriate advertisers both manually, and via the sytem.
Contact us through Creafi website or just send us an email to [email protected] today.

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