Tom Horsey and C4M Robot

Everyone’s talking about RTB, but do we really know its key advantages? Tom Horsey (Co-founder of C4M) clarifies any questions you may have about this innovative system.

“Its impact goes beyond the price, because it also has many benefits in terms of transparency and efficiency. The main advantage for the buyer is that they can buy each impression individually and attached to a specific user. This way the purchase is clearly more effective and there is no chance for fraud.”

This advantage is more focused on advertisers, but its also has great benefits for publishers, as well…

“The process is more effective, it’s cheaper and there is a much bigger demand. Almost all advertisers have a section of their budget assigned to RTB purchases, having this format available makes sure publishers don’t miss the boat.”

Clearly there is a lack of knowledge in Spain, but the rest of the world is also lagging behind in comparison to the US market. Right now practically 50% of all display advertising transactions are done automatically, so we are in line to reach the 80% currently being reached across the Atlantic.

“Our company and its staff are dedicated to RTB programmatic advertising, so it is essential that clients and publishers get the results and conversions from the word go. We need to focus on targeting campaigns according to user’s profiles and their accumulated data, along with 3rd party data from external sources, and how these relate to the campaign and product in hand, rather than looking for the striking novelty advertising material.” concludes Horsey.

Find out the video below.



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