Multichannel Vs Omnichannel. Build an OmniChannel marketing program is the current best way to connect, all the dots to give your organization the means to provide each customer with a more personalized, responsive experience.

So, It’s important to distinguish an omni-channel user experience, from a multi-channel user experience. Essentially, it comes down to the depth of the integration.


Multi-channel user experience

Multi-channel is a tactic that defines the channels used within a campaign. But, not all campaigns can or should be “omni-channel”. However, all campaigns should use both inbound and outbound components to optimize campaign success.

Finally, demand generation marketing should include at least 2-4 channels per campaign.



Omni-channel user experience

Omni-channel is a high level strategy to ensure an organization’s brand is accessible across any and all channels. Providing a seamless experience for all customers and prospects no matter the channel.

Because this is still a relatively new emerging concept, there’s still time to start and put together the on site- off site strategy.

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