Come and meet us at Affiliate Summit East 2015.
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We will be glad to provide you with information about online marketing and advertising services, such us:

-Our Performance based marketing solutions and mobile entertainment revenue share partnerships.

-We work with advertisers and offer CPA, CPL, CPI, CPD traffic on CPC and CPM basis.

-Our traffic resources (mobile and desktop) come from display, email, social, search engines, native ads, contextual ads.

-For mobile traffic we promote CPI campaigns on incentivized and non-incentivized traffic as display, pop up/under and interstitial campaigns. We also promote campaigns on APP traffic.

-We promote email marketing campaigns on a CPA, CPL and CPM basis with segmentation possibilities. We also sell incentivized email traffic.

-We count with our own network of publishers and work with the most important ad exchange platforms with optimized traffic.

-We have got a Tier1 of 10 countries for desktop and a Tier1 of 6 countries for mobile.

-We offer mainstream and adult traffic.

-These are the verticals we work with: Streaming, gaming, tech support campaigs, lottery, test drive, instals, Freebies, Enterteinment, Forex, ecommerce, content subscription.

If you are interested in booking a meeting there, please drop us a line at
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