Few things have had a profound effect on the way we live, work, play and socialize as mobile devices. Nobody could have predicted that the simple old and heavy phones will become an integral part of our digital life.

So while the heavy phones evolution ate to light and beautiful Smartphones, marketing methods change to include them as an important factor of digital commerce. During 2015 we have seen how mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic.

443Gone are the days of top-down communication, intrusive advertising and customer awareness campaigns misaligned. Today, we have more data than ever before, and we have to take ideas like these to reach them:


The first trend for 2016 we would like to highlight is the use of geolocation in order to promote offers and local products. It is an idea that already in 2015 launched many brands basically involves sending rewards or offers real-time so that customers can take advantage of at the time, and engage them.

Contextual advertising

The second trend is contextual advertising. The advantage of this advertising is that data derived from user behavior are used to perform segmentation and adjust advertising messages. Some time ago, companies avoided using intrusive advertising that users perceive as spam cause they used to be too intrusive and too general. This is a trend that will be kept for 2016.  Moreover, video formats will be one of the trendiest one.

Mobile video

The following trend for 2016 could not be other than the mobile video. Millennials prefer mobile video over than traditional TV, so along with the unprecedented growth of mobile we can affirm that 2016 will be the year of Video Marketing.

Cross Screen

The next trend we want to highlight is the crsos screen or multi-device navigation. It’s quite important that the users have the same user experience in all devices because the number of sales by phone and tablets is increasing exponentially.


Taking into account the Smartphone usage data, which states that the use of leisure apps is one of the most important, gamification campaigns will keep important in 2016. Brands, through campaigns with a playful focus, will get customers in a casual way in order to create a bigger engagement.

POST 1Dashboards

There is no doubt that Dashboards have become a popular tool in the business community and its use will boost this year. There are many tools to create dashboards effectively and we would like to mention our favorites.

Cyfe is one of the most complete tool not only for the functionality but also for the simplicity of its interface. Happy Metrix has a really similar interface.

KlipFolio is one of the best platforms for effective dashboard by the amount of information you can get and the way in which is presented through simple and super visual graphics

Clicdata is the best solution for fans of infographics because from all data obtained in the platform you can make infographics. It also offers a free version with up to 1GB of space. Visually is its main competitor.

Dabthis is the perfect tool for those who think that a picture worth more than a thousand words because most reports are visual graphics of all types than you can imagine. Also one of the most useful features is that is updated automatically and periodically sends us an email with the main KPIs.

Qlik: Red if it goes wrong, orange if it goes normal and green if it goes well. Using the rule of traffic lights, this intuitive tool provides you the opportunity to measure the user experience at a glance.

Automated Marketing Systems

fotoThe automated marketing allows a close and personalized communication with customers allowing loyalty and increasing conversion rate.

Marketing automation (Marketing Automation) is one component of managing customer relationships (CRM) which consists of using software that automatically performs certain tasks when you run a campaign, especially those in which you need to maintain contact with the client in order to get a sale. This allows making processes that otherwise should be made manually and using automation marketing platform can be possible, more efficient and controlled in time.

The task of the company is to accompany the lead throughout the entire process and make them become a customer.  But we can’t confuse between making a path and a pressure on the users because otherwise we will get them to leave.

The main Automated Marketing platforms are:

Marketo helps the marketing department to manage email marketing campaigns and also providing good tools for sales teams.

HubSpot: This tool is considered the most versatile automation in the market. It is ideal software for companies which want to implement strategies of advanced automation software.

Salesforce: in this platform the customer is the key and the decisions maker. It is the right tool for companies which seek to differentiate through analytical and Adwords campaigns.

Act-On: This is versatile Marketing Automation software although it’s a slightly inferior than the largest ones in the sector. Its main objectives are to simplify processes and facilitate their use as much as possible. It is perfect for companies that want to evolve in the Marketing Automation in its early stages.

Markitude: is a centralized suite aimed at optimizing all processes that are derived from a digital strategy. It’s very good for businesses which are looking to make the most of their marketing strategy Automation.

We should also mention some tools that allow automation on social networks like: Buffer, Hootsuite, Socialbro and Feedly.

These are some of the most important trends that we will have this year in the Digital Mobile Marketing sector. If you want to know more about Digital Marketing subscribe to our blog and you will be always updated with the latest news and recommendations on Digital Marketing.


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