What is The CRM?

As a result, through a public-private collaboration with the University of Sevilla, we have recently developed the Crazy4media RTB Revenue Maximizer.

This system optimises price floors for Video, Display, and Native online advertising inventory sold via RTB with a view to maximising publisher revenues.

The CRM process

How does it work?

Is an algorithm designed to calculate the optimum price floor in Blind Second-Price Auctions. To achieve this, the algorithm uses advanced technologies to converge to the optimal solution in a very short number of stages, grouping thousands of iterations during each stage. The system can also infer the probability distribution of price bids even from reports which only return the values of the first and second highest bids.

The CRM graph

The algorithm creates a nonlinear transcendental equation in a web of more than one million calculation points in a dimensionless price range, which gives it extreme precision. After resolving each point with the Newton-Raphson method using a logarithmic form, it rapidly converges on solutions in the real half-plane. From this inference of the joint probability distribution of bids, the algorithm generates a confidence interval in which the optimal price floor for revenue maximisation is discovered within a determined range of probability.

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We launched our beta tests in january 2016 and the results of that testing phase are as followed:

The CRM - table results

We are now able to offer this solution to all our Video publisher partners, and will shortly be able to do the same for our native and display publisher partners.