Behavioral targeting

Behavioral targeting is a growing way of making the advertising you see on websites more relevant to your interests and preferences. It is a based upon previous unidentifiable web browsing activity, such as pages viewed, searches made and ads clicked on.

Crazy4Media Online is using the latest data-driven technology in all platforms, exchanges and networks partnerships in order to provide behavioral targeting strategies to their clients. They can reach with precise message to people who are actually interested in receiving that information.


Retargeting enables brands to reinforce their message to those users or visitors demonstrated interest on their products or services as they have interacted previously with their ads, sites or social media profiles.

Crazy4Media Online can design the best retargeting strategy to fulfill your needs.

Semantic Targeting

Reaching your target audience maybe difficult sometimes. You might have identified some gap between your advertisement placement and the relevance of content. Crazy4Media Online leverages Semantic Targeting to enable clients to develop more accurate campaigns.

C4M Online is actually working with best-of-breed semantic targeting technology providers. They are at the forefront of semantic algorithm engines. They have reengineered the traditional keyword and contextual matching to deploy real semantic analysis, focusing on the meaning of words.

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