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semantic targeting

Contextual and Semantic Targeting



The recent launch of Hax Hax, the marketplace for brand focused advertising campaigns means we have brand focused publishers available now.
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We are very confident about ensuring your campaign's success by using our new global online Premium market. HaxHax is a Premium video and display network which is supplying traffic for the most important global brands all worldwide.
Please drop us a line at email [email protected] and we'll do the work for you, efficiently, quickly to meet your needs.

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publicidad video

Great Benefits of Online Video Marketing

Online video is quickly becoming one of the newest trends in media. With the right content and the right recognition, using video through the internet can create several advantages for a business, for example:
• Video is one click away from the 'buy' button.
• Let Others Advertise for you: by sharing.
• Rank Well in Search Engines.
• Video is where your customers spend their time.
• Video allows for real-time feedback and interaction.
If you want our team to apply these latest industry trends and make your company stand out from the crowd, don't lose añother minute and contact us by email [email protected] .

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User behaviour on video games

pago móvil

Froggie M.M. Shareholders in i2factory

Froggie Mobile Marketing continues its expansion plan which includes integration with other companies working in the same tech field.
Froggie MM has become a partner of i2factory, a computer engineering company.
i2factory offers technological solutions to software integration problems, they manage to solve these problems in less time and at a lower cost than the solutions that are already available in the market today. This is possible thanks to the GUARANÁ technology application that can integrate both applications on premise cloud as a visual, simple and agile.
GUARANÁ Innovative features allows deploying the platform in the cloud, this way developers can make whole process - design, configuration and deployment of the solution -100 % in the cloud with a subscription model where you pay when you use it, facilitating SMEs' access to services that previously could only access larger companies.
Froggie 's investment in MM i2Factory begins as minority shareholders with an 8 % stake in the company.

mercado Sudamericano

Advice Consortium Eticom/Froggie

The Eticom / Froggie consortium continues on, there are many companies that will benefit from the established plan, which seeks to integrate the Spanish SMEs in the online environment.
Beneficiaries will get advice from the best specialist companies in the sector (internationalization, distribution and logistics, SEO and SEM positioning, communication and marketing plans, positioning and actions in Social Media, CRM strategies, campaigns and mobile marketing emailing etc.) and get fast access to products and more advanced services.
The initiative has been a success, as we can see below:
• 2051 applications have been admitted, which 664 come from the autonomous community of Andalusia.
If you also want to take advantage of more opportunities in the future, contact us via [email protected] we will reply you asap.

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Crazy4Media blog


Featured on Iab Europa

Read one of our latest press releases, this time Iab Europe was interested in our article about the evolution of mobile traffic users' behaviour and what it means for marketing campaigns.
You can read the full article here.

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adtech ny

Featured on emagazine

You can also find this interesting and useful article featured in emagazine "Common mistakes that you are making in your display (mobile&pc) campaigns" By Tom Horsey.
You can read the full article here

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