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The Mobile Billing System replaces cash

Adopt a smart and effective mobile payment system for your business. Be there before your competitors, reduce costs and gain a huge advantage in your market.
The Smartphone has already replaced the camera and the music player. Now it replaces cash! A wide range of products and services around the world already offer convenient, simple to use Mobile Billing Systems. So take advantage and let your business be much more efficient, with a one-click mobile payment solution that makes it easy for your customers to buy.
Increasingly there is a big opportunity, as many companies have not discovered the potential yet of mobile payment methods. Conversions are much simpler and quicker, when there is no need to wait at the queue or to deal with cash. It is so easy for a customer to pay and buy with just one or two taps on their phone. Using the mobile wallet allows users to pay and access their finances on the move, because everything is in their smartphones, including discounts and new offers. Within minutes after the transaction, the payment is already in your account.
Help your customers to turn their phone into a mobile digital wallet and turn yours into a credit card reader, and also have the ability to view and pay via mobile devices to increase their satisfaction, loyalty and trust in your business. Just send us an email, and we will help you to adopt it easily and successfully to your customers' satisfaction. We are always up to date with the latest innovations and development in the mobile world for businesses.
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Mexico, a good choice for the Mobile Marketing

The growth of the mobile landscape in Latin America has evolved gradually over the past few years. This has generated new usage trends and unique patterns of consumption in Latin American users.
Currently the volume of mobile phone users is estimated at more than 300 million, according to data from GSMA. Distributed among countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Peru, El Salvador and Venezuela. But today we will focus our attention on Mexico.
Would you like to direct your efforts toward mobile marketing in this country?
This country has 117.5 million inhabitants and between them, currently 97.6m users with an active SIM card. The main operator of mobile lines in this country is Telcel, with a market share of 73 %, followed with a remarkable difference by Telefonica 10.4%.
Currently the percentage of penetration by technology indicates 71.5 % for the 2G and 28% for the 3G. It is expected that during 2014, the volume of adoption of 3G technology will progressively increase. Everything points to the fact that mobile marketing in these countries is only just beginning.
If you have a portal with quality content and you want to get subscribers, we can help you achieve this.
Froggie can advise you and we put our mobile payment services at your disposal. What can we do for you? – Tell Us! [email protected]

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Latam, a great investment opportunity

If you are searching for new markets to expand your business, we give you some information to consider Latam as a possible candidate.
Mobile is already a cornerstone in the economy of the region , in 2012 generated 37 % of GDP and made contributions of great public importance. Today representing 10 % of the global mobile market by revenue. In Latin America there are currently 275 million mobile broadband connections and it will be doubled in 2017 .
Future growth will come primarily from broadband, new applications and related services. The mobile market is approaching a mature stage but still has great potential for growth in the medium and long term.
So if you too see Latam as a great investment opportunity for your mobile marketing campaigns, but you still have not embarked on it, be aware of the barriers blocking entry that can make you give up on your way to success. Factors such as cultural difference, the complex legal limits established by each country, finding the right partner (trustworth y and loyal) and the technological gap between different countries).
However, if you decide to go ahead, we can offer advice and we help you achieve your goals. Froggie has headquarters in Latin America, particularly in Mexico, which will serve all who are interested in investing in Latin America. In addition, it will also offer connectivity services, SMS Push, databases, advice on mobile marketing, e-commerce, etc for the 45 countries.
Contact us today [email protected] we'll be happy to help.

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